HoneyBeeLane Creations

Full line of custom, handcrafted small animal cage accessories and exercise wheels  

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Bee Bed/Cuddle Cup/Delightful Donut/Loveseat/Huggle Bed/Pillow Bed/Double Stuffed Bed

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Batted Tunnels/Snuggle Sack/Corner Canopy/Teepee Tent/Burrowing Bed/Banana Hammock/Foodie Hides

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Corner Round House/Corner Cavern/3-Hole Play Tube/Bee Block/Honey Pot/Pigloo/Bachelor(ette) Pad

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Covered Couch/Covered Cuddle Bed/Covered Cuddle Cup/Cozy Corner/Covered Bee Bed

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Midwest Piggy Hammock/Bridge & Tunnel/Banana Hammock/Hide & Seek Pouch/Corner Bunk/Open Cavern

Hidey Pocket/Double Decker Hammock/Cozy Cube/Happy Hammock/Fringe Bridge/Corner Hammock


Perfect for Hedgehogs, Skinny Pigs, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, & Sugar Gliders

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HBL Hidey Hut/Exercise Wheel Covers/L.W. Dome Covers/Kaytee Igloo Covers

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HBL Hamster Wheel/HBL Turbo Pan Wheel/HBL Bucket Wheel/HBL 12" Wheel/HBL Wheel Covers

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Fleece Potty Pads/Fleece Burrwoing Cage Liners/Fleece Cage Liners

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Activity Snuffle Mat/Fringe Snuffle Mat/Hay Holder/Fleece Toys/Dig Strips/Veggie Play Mat/Cage-Room Banners/Dig Box Combo