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Full line of custom, handcrafted small animal cage accessories and exercise wheels  

Dig Box*Hay Holders*Snuffle/Forage Mats*Banners*Nap Mats*Toys*Snuggle Safe Covers

HBL Foam Dig Box & Filler

 10"x 10"x 5"  /  12"x 12"x 5"  OR  15"x 15"x 5"

Made with a foam bottom and sides.

Matching fleece strips and foam filler included

Your choice of any flannel &/or fleece pattern & solid fleece colour.  

*Can be made as photo shown, or with the entrance more as a 'doorway' where your little one walks under instead of stepping over.   

10"= $30.00    12"= $35.00    15"= $40.00

HBL Hay Holders 

Made with your choice of COTTON or FLANNEL material.

Comes with 2-3 metal grommets for easy and better hanging

Can have square or circle cut outs.

Made with 2-3 holes

Metal hooks are an extra .25c each. Please indicate if needed.

10x10": $12 

12x12": $14 

15x10": $16

HBL Veggie Play Pads

These Home-Grown veggies will brighten up any play pen for your critter.

Soft and comfy for naps or play areas, or absorbent for cute & fun potty pads

Made with 2 layers of fleece and batting/uhaul middle

Shades of greens and oranges may vary.  

$18.00/ea Batting Middle Mat

 $18.00/ea Absorbent Middle Mat

$20/ea Snuggle Sack Version

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HBL Rubber Base Snuffle/Foraging Mat

 11.5"x 11.5" $25.00

These snuffle mats are perfect for those raining stuck-inside boring days to keep our little loves out of trouble or occupied and 'working'.  Hide treats throughout the strips, or even their food to help slow down those speed eaters and help prevent possible bloat

Pick a colour scheme and lets build a design that's creative for you, and exciting for them:)

 11.5"x 11.5" $25.00

HBL Custom Activity Snuffle/Foraging Mat

20"x 20" Canvas Mat: $25     15"x 15" Canvas Mat: $20

Each mat is unique with its own snuffles sewn onto a single layer of duck canvas. You pick your favourite pattern/colour theme, and we design the rest.  


Hide food &/or treats in/under each 'snuffle' for your little one to rummage through and seak to find the surprises!  

20"x 20" Canvas Mat: $25 

 15"x 15" Canvas Mat: $20

HBL Fleece Toys

These little gems make the perfect handmade toy for your hedgie or guinea/skinny pig.

For some extra fun for your hedgie, either insert a dry flavoured tea bag in and behind the pouch flap, or soak the braids/knots in flavored tea water and let air dry.  

Crinkle toys have crinkle plastic hidden inside,  (DO NOT DRY THESE in DRIER)

Patterns and colours are randomly chosen by HBL. 

Mini Tea Bag Holders: 3/$2.50

 Braided Fleece: 4/$2.00

Knotted Fleece: 6/$2.00

 Crinkle Squares/Circles: 3/$3.00

HBL Cage/Room Decoration Bunting/Banner

Short is made with 7-5" triangles to a length of 39" end-to-end

Average is made with 6-6" triangles to measure a length of 42"

Long is made with 7-6" triangles to a length of 45"

Your Choice of FLANNEL pattern &/or solid colour

Short: $15.00 

Average: $17.50 

Long: $20 

HBL Dig Box Filler

Receive a full sandwich sized plastic baggie full of fleece strips &/or foam cubes for your friend's dig box/play area. Fleece strips are randomly selected and will contain foam cube pieces. Foam baggies will only contain foam.  

Fleece Strips/Foam Chunks: $2.50

 Foam Only: $3.50

HBL Cage Bumpers

Made with 2 layers of fleece, and ties to secure to cage at top and bottom at certain intervals.  

Dimensions determine the price.  Please inquire either through e-mail, facebook, or instagram  

HBL 9" SnuggleSafe Heat Pad Covers

Made with your choice of fleece solid colour or print.

Top is lined for better protection and warmth